We help passionate teams build great companies by investing seed-stage capital, time, experience and relationships. Building a valuable company is hard—we've done it—we can help you do it too. We love helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams.

The arrangement of and relationship between the parts or elements of something complex.

We are Structure Capital.


Structures are elegant and impactful - they leave a long-lasting impression.
Think about the structures that move you the most. It could be the Golden Gate Bridge,
The Freedom Tower, the Eiffel Tower or the Temple at Burning Man. Building something meaningful and impactful requires a balance of art and science. Structures are complex
and elegant, with tens of thousands of interdependencies and relationships between
parts - as are companies. 

We focus on companies that create a new market or new set of buyers by exploiting, capitalizing and profiting on under-utilized assets and excess capacity. Assets might include cars, houses, planes, airports, time, skills, knowledge, storage, transport, office space, hotel rooms, event space, personal property, and much, much more. We also like service and solutions companies that support these types of companies. 

If you have a company that can generate lots of revenue by tapping into under-utilized assets, you should probably give us a holler. 


Hey startup folks - thanks for having a look. This is what I know. I know it's really hard to make a go of a company and that you need a lot of help, and some luck, to make it happen. I can't help with the luck part but I can help with the help part. What gives me the ability to help, you ask?

Well, I've been doing the stuff that you're doing for twenty years. I've closed first deals, grown sales teams, done the marketing, closed strategic partnerships, raised money, sold companies, hired people, fired people, worked with the Board, sat on the Board, etc. I did this with a number of companies and founded Leverage Software in 2003 and sold it in 2011. I can help you navigate relationships, contracts, decisions and strategies.

What else? Throughout the years, I've developed relationships with hundreds of brands. Whether you're a consumer company looking to partner with brands or an enterprise company looking to sell to companies; I can introduce you to 100+ brands, including Red Bull, Salesforce, Box, Virgin, O'Neill, Nike, SF Giants and Levi's. I can do this because I've worked with them all and treated them well. In fact, one of my filters for investing in a company is that I need to know 1,000 people that would use the product if it's a consumer facing company and 100 companies that would use the product if it's an enterprise facing company.

This is a team sport. For that reason, I work with other top tier investors at every stage of investing to work on deals together. I won't list the names - you know them all and they have invested in other companies I've invested in - I think this is important for your success because we collaborate to help vet ideas and share relationships with each other.

If these things interest you, and you match the focus area, please send a note. If not, good luck with everything and thanks for stopping by!



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Join America's #1 movie club. Use the MoviePass app to access unlimited movies for a low monthly fee.

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Connecting shippers and truckers in real-time. Providing on-demand, pre-screened trucks where and when you need them.

Get better at life, work and play. popexpert makes it easy to discover, hire and meet with experts face-to-face over video.

Your short term rental managed. Simple, profitable and stress-free cleaning, check-in and listing management.

Your on-demand private driver. Request a ride at any time using iPhone and Android app.

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The DMIY Moving Specialists (Don’t move it yourself). All you need is a picture of your stuff and a smartphone to get moving now!



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Making your network smarter and actionable to help you achieve your business goals.

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Manufacture your designs. Build your brand, leave the manufacturing to us.

The easiest way to fix a parking ticket.

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Unites homebuyers and homeowners with investors in a marketplace for the trade of residential real estate equity.




Enterprise solution for sports teams and concert venues that enables fans to upgrade seats during events.

Access beautiful private spaces so you can meet, work, or rest. Spaces are maintained by staff, and only registered members may enter.


The enterprise cloud computing leader. Helps companies connect with customers, partners, and employees.

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Keep your holdings in one place and convert paper certificates into safe and secure electronic ones.

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eShares, Inc.

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Boatbound is the first fully insured
"pier-to-pier" boat rental marketplace. Allows users to rent boats safely and easily.


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Authentic food with real people. Find homemade meals prepared and served in a cook's home.





The opinion network that lets you share your true colors -- one degree at a time. 

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Designers, brands and consumers collaborate to turn compelling concepts into beautiful objects for the home.


Renting your place is simple. We are focused building the best experience for hosts. 



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Beyond Stays

Red Clay Design

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Employees complete a report that takes no more than 15 minutes to write, and
no more than 5 minutes for their
manager to read.

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Never visit a storage unit again. Free storage bins and free pickup plus online management.

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Guest Driven

Location based mobile apps and websites that connect people with their planet.

Daemonic Labs

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The easiest way to ship your stuff without leaving your home or office.


Turning guests into brand advocates by recognizing and engaging your guests in real-time.


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Transform your phone into a breathalyzer in seconds - giving you the power to make smarter decisions when drinking.

Noble Transmission

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Publishing books & licensing characters across the world.

Partnered is a platform where partnerships are made and ultimately helping deals get done.

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The Muse

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Go inside the walls of top companies, see photos of the office and watch videos of their employees—to see if it's a fit before applying!

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Enjoy the safety, security, and consistency of flying on a closed-fleet including guaranteed availability and reduced cost of entry.

Wheels Up



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Skedadel suggests and lets you see inside the best restaurants, sights, nightlife and local businesses through photos taken on Instagram.



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All-you-can-fly private airline membership offers first-class travel on executive aircraft in and out of local airports.

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Social platform that drives Ecommerce growth with refer-a-friend customer referrals.

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Kash saves retailers thousands of dollars each year by skipping the credit card companies and paying you directly.

Surf Air


*Exit Investments by Mike Walsh as a Series A investor.

Post a job for free with the options to include video, pictures, social media, comments, and more. 

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Search and connect with rental owners from across the web, and apply with one click.






Get last-minute reservations at the most popular restaurants in your city.

Introducing the annual membership program that 
redefines how luxury watches are discovered and enjoyed. 

Multiple designers design your space for a flat fee.

Tow & Roadside Nationwide - Get Prices, ETAs, & Ratings! Become a Partner today!


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Connecting talented individuals with the
job they never knew was waiting.

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The private, anonymous marketplace for founders to discreetly explore strategic acquisition opportunities.

Book live artists with the push of a button and without the back-and-forth. Artists can create a profile page that connects to other social accounts.

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Mix the best music. Explore endless mixes. Listen to the world's mixtape. 

HD trailers, real-time trivia & over a century of film. Play with friends & discover your next favorite movie.

if you've been on a delayed or cancelled flight or been denied boarding within the last three years you could be entitled up to $800 from the airline.

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Eleven James


Laurel & Wolf

Friend Trusted

The Dating Ring

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The easiest way to get estimates from friendly and trusted contractors.

We combine matchmakers with algorithms, feedback, and a sizable database of singles to supercharge blind dates.






Unlocking high growth start-ups for private investors.

Film industry introductions to talent, projects, financing and sales. Members can join for free.

Have something to say to your boss or co-worker -- anonymously? Then say it here.

Private english tutors on demand. Cambly gives you instant access to native English speakers over video chat.

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Find a professionally managed vacation rental. Search easily, book instantly and rent confidently.

On-demand Marketing Teams in 30 Countries, Localized, Curated and Qualified for your Needs.

Official gear, officially licensed, from your favorite bands. When you're a real fan, you want real gear. 

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Bohemian Guitars




Bohemian Guitars provides high-quality, stylish and trendy guitars at a much more affordable price.

Get a home loan, entirely online. Tech company first, lender second.

We'll help you find the perfect babysitter, nanny, elder care provider, pet sitter, dog walker, housekeeper, or house sitter.











Research, prospect, and track the fastest growing companies with deal intelligence.

Short-term access to a collection of unique work spaces that help you motivate and innovate.

"Opportunity Waits."

The end of missed deliveries. Package delivery to your home until midnight.

More social, less effort. We'll handle your social media accounts so you can focus on your business.

Optimize your mobile funnel. Test features, improve conversion and increase engagement.

Shop and sell kids fashion mom-to-mom.

Companionship, dating, travel and activity partners for older adults.

Invest in healthcare innovation. Build a portfolio of innovative companies that could transform medicine.

Angel funding for all entrepreneurs, including those on work-visa.

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An incredibly easy way to see live shows. WillCall curates a list of the best shows happening in your town, that week.




Ohmconnect alerts you when dirty, expensive power plants switch on nearby, and pays you for reducing your electricity use.

A free app for iPhone and Android that enables busy parents and their trusted friends to help each other get more done.


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Create your own marketplace. Near Me is a complete solution for creating your own branded marketplace.

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By Tess on Jul 24, 2013
The peninsula asked, and we listened: You can now request a low-cost Uber ride anywhere in the South Bay!
Yesterday, Box CEO and longtime Uber fan Aaron Levie took the inaugural Silicon Valley uberX trip. Aaron’s passions for enterprise software and unapologetic tweets are already the stuff of South Bay legend, but now the self-described “Lead Magician” at Box has one more trick up his sleeve. The Uber team met him and driver Mukhtar at Box HQ in Los Altos and snapped some pics before he headed off to his lunch meeting in style.

Silicon Valley’s uberX Rider Zero: Aaron Levie


Boatbound, Airbnb Of Boat Renting, Launches Nationwide


Surf Air's CEO speaks with CNBC Wed, Jun 12, 2013 about the new $1,650 per-month membership all-you-can-fly airline.
The brutally competitive airline industry has a new competitor designed to win over travelers who fly a lot, especially between two cities.
It's called Surf Air, an all-you-can-fly private air service based in Santa Monica, Calif. Surf Air will fly you as much as you want between certain cities for $1,650 a month.


WillCall’s last-minute ticket-buying app goes in-venue, letting you tip bands and buy merchandize


Anyone who's owned a boat knows the joy of the wind in your hair, the open water and the endless party possibilities. They also know owning a boat is really, really expensive.
But with the launch of Boatbound earlier this month, that doesn't mean we all can't enjoy a little time on the high seas. Joining the ever-expanding sharing economy, the boat rental service is being touted by TechCrunch as "the Airbnb for boats."

Surf Air is the new Netflix of airlines

It’s been a while since we last caught up with WillCall, the mobile app that makes it super easy to find tickets to live shows at the last minute.
Today, however, version 2.0 of WillCall is hitting Android and iOS, so we thought this would be an apt moment to see what’s been going down.

Big news. We’ve just accepted an additional $1.2 million in funding from some pretty smart folks.


PeerSpace raises seed funds backed by Structure Capital

We’re excited to welcome Sean Parker, Coran Capshaw, Bruce Flohr, John Frankenheimer and Structure Capital to our already incredible set of investors. It’s important to us that our investors are as passionate about innovating the live music industry as we are, and we don’t mind admitting that we’re awfully impressed with this bunch. 

Free Taxi Rides in DC From Uber After Navy Yard Shooting

September 18, 2014 by PE HUB
PeerSpace has raised $1.5 million in seed funding in a round backed by Structure Capital, Ran Makavy, Michael Horwitz, Ron Pizzuti and other angel investors. PeerSpace is a marketplace offering short-term access to creative and inspiring workspaces.
September 16, 2013 by Epoch Times
Uber is offering free rides home from the Washington Nationals stadium on Monday after the Navy Yard shooting.
The company said via Twitter that cars will be at Parking Lot B near the Nationals park to help with rides home. And the rides are all free.

February 18, 2014 by Tech Crunch
Montreal-based GuestDriven wants to help put the guest relationship back in the hands of the hotel, and today announced a $3 million Series A to help its platform accomplish that.

TPG’s RentPath Buys Lovely For $13M To Expand From Property Search Into Full Rental Services

April 2, 2014 by Tech Crunch
RentPath — a search company focused on the property vertical that owns properties like Rent.com — is paying $13 million in cash to acquire Lovely, a startup that has developed a platform for consumers to search, apply for, and pay for rented apartments and houses. 

GuestDriven Raises $3M To Expand Its Hotel Guest Interaction And Loyalty Platform



Structure Capital is a micro-vc, investing between $100k-200k in the earliest rounds of a company, usually the seed-stage. We also follow on to the next round of financing, typically Series A. We focus on companies that create a new market or new set of buyers by exploiting, capitalizing and profiting on under-utilized assets and excess capacity. Assets might include cars, houses, planes, airports, time, skills, knowledge, storage, expertise, company assets, transport, office space, hotel rooms, event space, personal property, and much, much more. We put our operational experience to work to help you win. We also leverage of relationships with brands, other investors and industry experts to help you with small and big stuff, along the way.

Why the name Structure Capital?
Structures are elegant and impactful - they leave a long-lasting impression. Think about the structures that move you the most. It could be the Golden Gate Bridge, The Freedom Tower, the Eiffel Tower or the Temple at Burning Man. Building something meaningful and impactful requires a balance of art and science. Structures are complex and elegant, with tens of thousands of interdependencies and relationships between parts - as are companies. We are Structure Capital. We help passionate teams build great companies by investing seed-stage capital, time, experience and relationships. Building a valuable company is hard - we've done it - we can help you do it too. We love helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams.

About the network
We are huge believers in community. Perhaps it's because of our operating experience of helping companies build customer, partner, affinity and association communities during the early days of social networking. Perhaps it's just because it's something that we like to do, or perhaps that we realize that the best way to build a company is to leverage the experience of others and that communities and networks allow this to happen efficiently. Structure Capital leverages the power of 5 networks - a strong community of portfolio companies, a community of brands, a community of investors in the fund (LPs), a community of co-investors and a community of advisors to the fund. By providing an environment through which all individuals within these networks can share with limited friction, we're providing a network that allows people to get stuff done, fast. In addition to our own experience, we try to learn from other investors that are leading this community approach, such as First Round Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and others. 

A Micro-VC, investing in the earliest rounds of a company. From to seed-stage to Series A financing.

Mike walsh

Mike Walsh

social profiles

Credit: Coltrane Lord for SUGAR Photography.

cameron yuill

social profiles

Meet the Team.

Cameron Yuill

Mandy salzman

Mike has designed missile defense systems, designed and sold air and water pollution control systems and was an early angel investor in Salesforce.com. After a decade of software sales and sales management, Mike founded an enterprise social networking company, Leverage Software, while attending business school at Haas and Columbia University. Following the sale of Leverage, Mike focused his efforts on investing and was a first round investor in Uber. Leveraging his early investment success and love for helping early stage companies, Mike launched Structure Capital in June of 2013 and has invested in 50 companies during the first year of business. Mike is a big supporter of charity: water and lends a hand to other organizations when he can. When he's not traveling or working with companies, he's enjoying hoops with his boys in San Francisco or a beer at ATT park. Mike was hit by lightning in a cemetery when he was 13. That may explain a lot.

Cameron’s past lives include start-up entrepreneur, angel investor, Fortune 100 exec and attorney. Among many start-ups Cameron was a founding team member at Viator (acquired by TripAdvisor $200M). He joined Cendant Corporation where he was the founding Vice President of Partner Marketing, the digital marketing division for this Fortune 100 Company.  He joined Zoom Systems to roll out their iconic automated stores, was a Board Member of the first social media site for travelers, TripMates, (acquired by SideStep) and in 2008, he founded AdGent Digital a global digital media and technology company.  He has invested in start-ups including RentPayment, Peek, Geeklist and Nor1.  Before all of this Cameron was an attorney in his homeland, Australia (he is still recovering). He enjoys sailing, is crazy about good food and wine and enjoys spending time with his family in wine country California.

Mandy Salzman

jillian Manus

Mandy comes to Structure with experience in a wide range of industries from venture capital to media, healthcare, fashion, finance, sports, and politics.  When Mandy graduated from University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business, her focus was originally the entertainment industry where she worked on national marketing, publicity, and partnership campaigns at Fox Sports, 20th Century Fox Television and then Sony Pictures Entertainment for Columbia Pictures, TriStar, and MGM. After returning to the Bay Area, Mandy got her first taste of early stage venture capital working at Plug and Play Ventures.  Shortly after she switched over to the NASDAQ Stock Market to gain insight on the other end of the spectrum, the IPO process.  After working with the New Listings and Capital Markets team at NASDAQ, she pivoted to product development at NASDAQ where she helped build and launch the NASDAQ Private Market as a product manager for their pre-IPO exchange. Upon the successful launch of NASDAQ Private Market, Mandy realized her true passion for startups and jumped on the opportunity to join Structure Capital.  Outside of work, Mandy enjoys spearheading philanthropic NextGen boards for College Track and AFMDA, as well as volunteering with the Hamilton Family Shelter and American Red Cross.  

Jillian Manus

social profiles

social profiles

company pages

Prior to Structure, Jillian has had a multifaceted career in finance and media as VP of Media Acquisitions for Credit Suisse, Director of Development for Universal and Warner Bros Studios, TV agent for ICM, Senior Strategic advisor for VantagePoint Venture Capital, Associate Publisher of Upside Magazine and President of Manus Media.  Most recently she founded Broad Strategy, a brand acceleration and investment company with a broad scope of clients including: Carlos Santana, Russell Simmons, Meg Whitman, CSN, Jerry Rice, Kamala Harris, Michael Mina. She attended Oxford University and NYU: Tisch School of the Arts, where she is a board member. Jillian sits on numerous additional boards Box.org, Center for Investigative Reporting, College Track, to name a few. As an active philanthropist, She created the Manus Family Foundation whose mission is "to create paths of safety and self sufficiency for women and children."  The two primarily levers of investment for her are education and health.


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